Copyright Registration:

Copyright registration is done so that the original work done by an individual, group or companies is secured and no one else can copy the originality of the work.

If an original work is found to be used by any other person or company, the lawsuits have to be filed through the attorney and for filing the copyright infringement, copyright registration is a must.

The registration is done by providing the original work to the registration office and then whenever there is plagiarism or infringement done on the original work, a copy of that original work registered can be produced from the government office and prove the legality of the originality.

The copyright registration is done on the agencies which are located in different countries whereas there are certain rules and regulations on which country the copyright is filed. If you are a US citizen residing in United States, the copyright must be filed before the infringement lawsuit is filed against the person/company who violated the copyright laws. In the UK, there is a rule of submitting the original work in the British Library and on request to 5 different agencies nominated by the library itself.

The rules of filing are different and does varies from countries to countries on how this could be done. The further details can be obtained from the Wikipedia, please refer to the link below:

The copyright registration can be done on the following major original works:

  • Written Work
  • Sound Recordings
  • Visual Arts & Design
  • Screenplays & Scripts
  • Music & Lyrics
  • Logo Artwork
  • Websites
  • Photography
  • Film & Video
  • Computer Programs
  • Technical Works
  • And More

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